USW Files Global Safeguard Petition Targeting Primary Unwrought Aluminum

Today the USW filed a global safeguard petition with the U.S. International Trade Commission.  The petition seeks relief from imports of primary unwrought aluminum.  The relief sought is global, meaning that imports from all countries are potentially subject to the Commission’s investigation.

The petition claims the following countries are the top ten exporters of unwrought aluminum subject to the petition:

  1. Canada
  2. UAE
  3. Russia
  4. Argentina
  5. Bahrain
  6. Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Venezuela
  9. India
  10. Norway

A number of other countries, including New Zealand, Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and South Africa, are listed as exporting to the United States in 2015-2016.

Petitioners have alleged that “critical circumstances” exist which means the investigation will proceed at a rapid pace.  The Commission could issue a ruling on the existence of critical circumstances as soon as 60 days from today (i.e. by approximately June 17, 2016).

The Commission has not conducted a global safeguard investigation since its 2001 investigation of steel.  Frank Morgan participated extensively in that investigation, defending a variety of company’s interests before both the U.S. International Trade Commission and before the U.S. Trade Representative.

Please contact Frank Morgan by phone (+1 703-493-0188) or email (fmorgan@tradelawdefense) if you have questions or are interested in obtaining a copy of the petition.

***  The above is not intended to be legal advice and should not be taken as such.